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On the Go With...!​

The “On the Go With…” series is an opportunity for our audience to get to know you as an artist and get unique insight into your process, the way you create, and what informs your thinking. We have provided two possible formats below for your video. You may follow one of them or use them as a jumping-off point for creating your own. 


Please note: 

The video can take place over the course of a day or follow you over multiple days if that is more relevant to your process. For each of the segments, please provide one clip of you responding to the prompt and a second clip visually showing what you are talking about. Examples are provided below. 


Format 1:

  1. Ideation

    • How do you come up with your ideas? What inspires your work? What research do you do?

    • Visual clip examples: reading, taking notes, walking in nature, attending an event (political, art gallery, poetry reading), etc. 

  2. Creation

    • What is your choreographic process? 

    • Visual clip examples: trying out movement phrases, creating movement through group-work

  3. Reflection / Development 

    • How do you refine your work? What steps do you take to see your work through different lenses or explore its concept more deeply?

    • Visual clip examples: watching back rehearsal videos, consulting with other artists, progression/development of movement phrases


Format 2:

  1. Day outside of dance work

    • What other activities fill your day outside of the dance process? 

    • Visual clip examples: Other career, parenting, work to support your artistic career like social media, grant writing, teaching, etc.

  2. Other ways you support you creative process

    • Do you take other dance/storytelling/theory or body conditioning classes? What do you do to avoid injuries? What kind of nutrition best supports your practice? Is there a spiritual practice/yoga you engage in daily?  

    • Visual clip examples: practicing conditioning technique, speaking about the theory/history you learned, sitting for meditation, journaling   

  3. Dancer at work 

    • Take us inside your rehearsal process. How do you create new work or develop existing work? 

    • Visual clip examples: rehearsal videos, group-work, consulting with other artists 

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