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The Aangan Lab

The Aangan Lab is a program for the intentional development of artistic works. The Lab provides opportunity for artists to meet fellow creators, mentors, and audiences to learn, discuss, collaborate, and ultimately re-imagine the creative process. 



The Movement & Music Salon 

Through the 2023 salon, we intentionally interrupted the usual artistic process by fostering unexpected intersections between artists for the creation of bold new works. This salon featured 4 pairs of artists – one musician and one movement artist – who were tasked with creating new pieces based on specific themes. The themes and pairings were specially curated to push the artistry of each creator forward. During the salon, audience members provided written feedback for each piece based on questions the artists posed. The presentations were followed by a Q&A where the audience could in turn ask questions of the artists. The artists were then provided with the written feedback so that they can continue to develop the pieces in the future. 


Re-Imagining: The Dance-Making Process

Aangan's first dance salon featured works-in-progress by 6 fantastic South Asian movement artists. Selected by panel of adjudicators from a diverse cross-section of the South Asian dance space, the selected artists presented work, answered questions, and engaged an audience of mentors, peers, and industry professionals in a discussion of their creative processes. 

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