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The Re-Imagining Series

Traditional Narratives

Lecture Series | May 22, 2022

As artists in the modern age, how do we consider traditional narratives when creating work? Dr. Sohini Sarah Pillai shares her work on "Many Mahabharatas" – an exploration of the vastness of the classic epic and its many varied retellings. 

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The Dance-Making Process

Salon Series | Oct. 29, 2022

An opportunity for dance artists to present and receive critical feedback on work in progress from mentors, peers, and audience members in the fine arts space. 

Learn About the Aangan Lab

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Our Welcome to the Arts World

Kids & Family Events | Nov. 5, 2022

How do we introduce children to the arts world? This event is an opportunity for kids and parents to meet South Asian artists of a variety of disciplines and dive into hands-on projects in a fun and interactive way! Ages 4-14. 


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