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South Asian Center for

Art & Thought

Aangan’s mission is to serve South Asian art, artists, and aesthetes of all backgrounds. We seek to build community by fostering learning and dialogue across art forms and creating spaces for artists to convene, collaborate, present, and reflect on their work.


About the Co-Founders

Shachi Phene & Barkha Patel – Co-Founders of Aangan

Shachi Phene and Barkha Patel, Co-Founders of Aangan

Barkha Patel and Shachi Phene are friends, collaborators, and co-founders of Aangan. As professional dancers in New York City, both were acquainted with the hustle of being working South Asian artists and found themselves craving stronger community, better platforms and resources for their work, and more knowledgeable conversation around South Asian art. After months of conversations during car and subway journeys, the two realized that they had a shared vision of an organization that would provide the space and resources needed to develop South Asian art in the US, and serve the makers and enthusiasts that love it. Thus, Aangan: South Asian Center for Art & Thought was born. 

From the start of this journey, both Shachi and Barkha agreed that to build community, one must build with community. If you would like to learn more about our work or get involved, please reach out to us at We love meeting fellow art lovers! 

Our Team


Barkha Patel



Shachi Phene


Sohini Pillai.jpg

Sohini Pillai

Academic Advisor

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