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Beneath the Canopy

In many South Asian villages, banyan trees are considered sacred places for communities to meet, learn, and discuss. Beneath the Canopy is a lecture & discussion series that brings this tradition of learning together into a modern age. 

The series features presentations by academics from across the US sharing their work on topics related to South Asian art, history, culture, and current events, in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for artists, enthusiasts, and the generally curious. 


Thu. March 14, 2024

Rajiv Menon


Rajiv Menon is the founder of Rajiv Menon Contemporary, an LA-based art gallery program focused on emerging global creativity. Rajiv earned his PhD from New York University, where he studied global media and visual culture, with additional coursework from The Sotheby’s Institute. An avid collector of South Asian Art himself, Rajiv has made it his mission to expand the art collecting audience within diasporic communities and to promote new, emerging voices in this space.

Thu. April 11, 2024

Sohini Sarah Pillai 


Dr. Sohini Sarah Pillai is Assistant Professor of Religion and Director of Film and Media Studies at Kalamazoo College where she teaches courses on religious traditions in South Asia, religion in cinema, and epic literature. She is a comparatist of South Asian religious narratives and her area of specialization is the Mahabharata and the Ramayana epic traditions. She is the author of Krishna's Mahabharatas and co-editor of Many Mahabharatas with Nell Shapiro Hawley.  


More to come!

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