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Support Our Work​

South Asian art in the US thrives and develops because of supporters like you. Your donations to Aangan go directly towards building innovative programs designed to support artists and sharing the rich traditions of South Asian art with audiences in New York and beyond.

With your help, we will... 

  • provide unique opportunities for artistic development through the Aangan Lab, including salons, workshops, and mentorship programs

  • build platforms for academic presentation and discussion around South Asian art 

  • create programming for underrepresented members of our community including specially curated events for children, the elderly, and non-dominant socio-economic groups within the South Asian diaspora

  • fairly compensate artists, academics, and staff 

  • intentionally gather and support community for the continued benefit and development of South Asian art outside of South Asia


At Aangan, we strongly believe that to build community, we must build with community. Please take a moment to submit a donation or a testimonial if you have attended one of our programs. Together, we will bring to life events that showcase and celebrate incredible work in South Asian music, dance, theater, film, literature, fashion, academia, and more. Every contribution, big or small, will make a difference. 

Thank you!

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