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The Re-Imagining Series

Traditional Narratives

Lecture Series | May 22, 2022

As artists in the modern age, how do we consider traditional narratives when creating work? Dr. Sohini Sarah Pillai shares her work on "Many Mahabharatas" – an exploration of the vastness of the classic epic and its many varied retellings. 

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The Dance-Making Process

Salon Series | Oct. 29, 2022

An opportunity for dance artists to present and receive critical feedback on work in progress from mentors, peers, and audience members in the fine arts space. 


Kids Painting_edited.jpg
Our Welcome to the Arts World

Kids & Family Events | Nov. 5, 2022

How do we introduce children to the arts world? This event is an opportunity for kids and parents to meet South Asian artists of a variety of disciplines and dive into hands-on projects in a fun and interactive way! Ages 4-14. 

Post-poned to 2023

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