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The Dance-Making Process

Re-Imagining: The Dance-Making Process is a dance salon for South Asian movement artists and creators who work in South Asian movement forms. The artists below were selected through an application process by an anonymous team of adjudicators, made up of professionals from across the South Asian dance space.


On October 29, each artist will have the opportunity to present a work in progress and receive critical feedback from an audience of their peers, mentors, and industry professionals. This is a truly unique opportunity for South Asian dance artists to engage in dialogue about their work with an audience that is already knowledgable about their form and/or cultural context. 



Kuhokee Das
Kuhokee Kumari Das, disciple of Guru Gargi Chattopadhyay, has trained in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi since the age of six, completing her Bharatanatyam arrangetram and Kuchipudi rangapravesham in 2011. She has performed in prestigious platforms such as the United Nations General Assembly, Lincoln Center, as well as the nation’s top universities. Kuhokee is completing her Master’s degree in Biology at Queens College, where she also teaches Anatomy & Physiology. She is a published clinical researcher at New York Presbyterian-Queens. In 2019, Kuhokee was awarded a New York City Council Citation for her contribution in Indian classical dance.
Block C – 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Roshni Samlal_1.jpg

Textile design and particularly the art of dyeing fabric has long been a tradition in South Asian culture and livelihoods. The bundle dye workshop gives students a chance to participate in this rich history by creating their own designs using flowers and other natural materials. Students will also learn and see how surface design work can translate into print pattern through programs like Adobe Suite, and see examples of garments made from naturally dyed fabrics.

Textile Transformations

with Shobana Mani

(Ages 4-7)

Kavita Rajput 1.jpg

Exploring Madhubani pulls children into the world of Madhubani, a folk art form which was born in the Bihar state of India. Through this workshop, children will be introduced to Madhubani and its history through visual images, drawing techniques, and practice exercises. They will then help draw and color a large Madhubani mural together like it was traditionally done by the women of the Mithila region.

Exploring Madhubani

with Kavita Rajput

(Ages 8-14)


Coding Creations is an introduction to a hybrid artform called "generative art". Art and engineering have traditionally been seen as opposites - one is creative, expressive, and emotional, while the other is analytical, rigid, and “useful”. This workshop challenges those assumptions. Generative art is a specialized domain in which, through a careful balance of rules and randomization, technology and software systems are used to produce art. 

Coding Creations

with Fahad Karim

(Ages 8-14)

Roshni Samlal_1.jpg

Takadimi Tweens offers an immersion into rhythm and other musical concepts of tabla playing. Kids will learn about the history of tabla, how tabla cycles work, and improvisation, and learn to recite compositions that take inspiration from mythology and nature. The workshop will include guided listening activities, creating our own tabla patterns, and learning about experimenting with electronic effects/composing techniques. 

Takadimi Tweens

with Roshni Samlal

(Ages 8-14)

Once you have decided which classes you would like to sign up for, choose between our 2-workshop and 3-workshop packages to complete registration. 

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